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Decorating the laundry
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Decorating the laundry

Don't wash your hands of the laundry - make it work for you.

The value of a laundry room should never be underestimated – especially one that has its own dedicated space and isn’t just shoved into a cupboard. It is an important asset if you have a family, or are considering resale to this demographic.

From personal experience, I’ve had the pleasure of a full-blown separate room with a cupboard for a kitchen. I can assure you I would compromise on many things to get a separate laundry room! Whatever your situation, make it work. Design the room so it’s functional and you get useful mileage out of every inch – the more user-friendly the laundry is, the less time you’ll have to spend in there. Regardless of where your area is located, it’s likely to be quite a compact space, so consider a layout that is well-suited to the way you use the room. Unless you’re acting out early settler life, then a washing machine is a given, and a dryer can be wall hung to save space, or a combination washer/dryer is the ultimate for tiny spaces.

If you are buying new, keep your eye out for appliance energy ratings and ensure the room is well-ventilated.

● Create as much storage as possible. I recommend cupboards with kiddie locks for cleaning and washing products, and then open shelving for pretty much everything else that you can add boxes, bins and containers to. A benchtop area is a fabulous idea for sorting and folding. If you’re going to splurge, then built-in cabinetry works perfectly in the laundry, with an integrated sink functioning as a tub and a lovely big workspace. A more budget option is to configure a set of freestanding units to fit the space – your local hardware store will no doubt have a variety of options. Storage units intended for the garage works, and will give your room a slightly industrial edge, which is very fashionable right now. Add a couple of decorative wallpaper drops behind the units and you’ll give it real “wow” factor.

● If your room includes a hot-water cylinder, install shelving all around it, and turn into an old-fashioned water cupboard or a place to store towels and linen. To keep your bedding in order, a trick I learnt recently was to fold a sheet set and pop it inside a pillowcase, keeping your sets together.

● Finally, don’t forget to decorate just as you would any other room of the house. This is one space you can really think outside of the square. Patchwork wallpaper off-cuts or gift wrapping paper make a great wall feature, or you could use it to cover plain storage boxes. Cookie jars are great for washing powder, pegs, and other bits and pieces, and like a kitchen pantry, you can’t go wrong with labelling just about everything, so all the members of the household can find what they are looking for.

LeeAnn Yare

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