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Megan Boone: Making the A-list

Megan Boone: Making the A-list

Playing rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen in new hit drama The Blacklist is Megan Boone’s biggest and toughest role.

Playing rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen in new hit drama The Blacklistis Megan Boone’s biggest and toughest role; one for which she pays a psychological toll.

Megan is the breakout star of TV3’s new drama about agent Keen, who teams up with notorious criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader) to track down dangerous fugitives.

Megan (30), who had a role in Sex and the City 2 and StepUp Revolution before landing the coveted role, says she gets through the show’s gritty and sometimes gory scenes by taking it “one day at a time”.

“Actors in one-hour drama series on TV are the hardest working actors. [But] I think it’s important to keep a banter on the set. I think, ‘I’m at work and I’ve been here for 16 hours,’ but look at the people I’m here with on set!”

Accepting the role of Elizabeth marked a huge step after 13 years of struggling to get acting work.

“I was auditioning all the time,” says the Michigan-born actress.

“It was like scraps. It was a little demoralising.”

Now, instead of fighting for bit parts with numerous other actresses, Megan is working alongside legendary actor James Spader (54). “It’s interesting to see how the dynamic between us as actors parallels our dynamic as characters,” says Megan.

“I’m a bit of a novice, he’s established in his work. He really does care for me; there’s a paternalistic nature to it.”

Megan has thrown herself into the physical nature of the show, which can mean a few bumps and bruises: “I’ve been exercising a lot. You have to come prepared for work. I did get bruised, though, when I was being dragged into a car by a stunt guy playing a criminal. As he dragged me into a car I was like, ‘C’mon, this is a rehearsal!’

“But I’m forgiving!”

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