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Tracey and Matt.

The Great Food Race: Tracey & Matt

Eight kiwi teams are sharpening their knives and their wits to win the ultimate food challenge.

Personal trainers Tracey (42) and Matt (30) run a weight management and wellness company in Christchurch. The married couple has travelled the world together, but faced their biggest challenge at home in the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, where by a twist of fate Tracey’s daughter was stung by a bee which prevented them from being in the CTV building during the disaster.

How has life changed since the earthquakes?
Tracey: I never take my family for granted anymore [Tracey is mother to Nikita (10) and Connor (20)]. I’ve realised how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. There is an air of positivity in Christchurch again.

Matt: It’s hard to believe how fate works. I don’t take life for granted and we always look for new and exciting experiences to have with each other.

The Australian Women's Weekly
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